Pét – Nat (Péttilant Naturel) is a wine produced by the ancient rural method (ancestrale) – a gently sparkling natural wine is bottled just before the must has finished fermenting without the addition of SO2. These wines can thus be a welcome sparkling alternative for sensitive individuals.

Wine of this type ranks alongside for example authentic orange wines or Georgian kvevri. The slightly cloudy wine will win you over with its typical aroma of grapes, freshness and fruity taste.
During their production – bottling is important to pick up the residual sugar correct level during the fermentation of the base wine in order to limit the pressure created inside the bottle and prevent the bottles from being accidentally shot already in the cellar.

Nothing is added to or taken from the wine.

A technologically light alternative to classic sparkling wines or mass-produced supermarket sparkling and sparkling wines.

Simplicity but precision of production with a hallmark antiquities touching also the “natural” strings still louder resonating in recent decades.

Pét – Nat alias our Japp Nat when Japp flies from the bottle like a super dog straight into your glass…..


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